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Shelby County State Bank Trust Services

Planning for the future is important to you, whether it involves managing your money or how your estate is to be handled. Shelby County State Bank Trust Department has the expertise to provide sound advice and estate management.

What is a Trust? 
A legal agreement in which an individual transfers properties, also known as assets, to the trust to be managed by a trustee for the benefit of themselves or others.
Other important definitions: 

  • Grantor – Anyone who sets up a trust and transfers his or her assets to that trust is known as the grantor of the trust.
  • Beneficiary – The individual or group who receives the income and/or property of the trust.
  • Trustee – The person or organization responsible for managing the trust.
  • Executor – An individual or institution designated in a will and appointed by a court to settle the estate of a deceased.

Services we offer: 

Estate Settlement – Our Trust Department provides specialized skills in all phases of estate administration. As your executor, we will execute your wishes as stated in your will. We handle every detail from collecting assets to distributing them to your loved ones.
Charitable Trust – Charitable Trusts have long been an important part of estate planning. The key to using today’s charitable trusts successfully is to design an approach tailored to your own particular set of charitable intentions and family financial planning objective. As trustee, we will make sure that your charitable intent is carried out. We will work closely with the accountant to insure maximizing your tax credit while giving to your favorite causes.
Living Trust – A living trust is a trust established during your lifetime and can be changed as your needs change. We act as your trustee and can take on the responsibility for keeping your financial affairs in order in the event of your incapacity. Revocable living trusts preserve family privacy because, unlike a will, they do not normally go on public record at the time of a person’s death. While maintaining financial records, we provide the tax information for your accountant.
Successor Trustee – We will stand ready to manage your money when you need it; meanwhile, you retain complete control of your financial affairs.
Agency Account – We protect securities from hazards, collect mature or called bonds, sell or exercise stock rights on your behalf, and take care of all routine investment chores. We also collect and remit monthly or quarterly income and provide a complete statement of all transactions.
Will Planning – Planning and preparing a will is one of those tasks that is easy to put off. The truth is that anyone who owns anything should have a will that fits your needs now. You can make necessary changes later. We can help assess your estate information including estate assets and liabilities. You can use this information when meeting with your attorney to draw up your will.

When named executor or co-executor, Shelby County State Bank provides the skill and knowledge coming from years of experience. We work closely with our Investment Center and Farm Manager to provide you complete service from one bank…Shelby County State Bank.

Please call or visit our Trust Department, for a confidential consultation to see how we can help manage what’s important to you.