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Your Shelby County State Bank Debit Card can now be added to your mobile wallet

Our Bill Pay offers you the convenience of paying your bills automatically each month.


We offer different checking accounts that are designed around you whether you are in need of a basic or interest-bearing solution.

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Whether you are saving for a vacation, college, or something else, choose a savings account that will help you meet your goals.

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Shelby County State Bank offers our customers several different loan types whatever your need may be. Click below to learn more.

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Shelby County State Bank

Online Banking

Mobile Banking

Shelby County State Bank Mobile Banking allows you to access your online banking from your mobile device. Click here for more information.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks from anywhere using the Shelby County State Bank Mobile Deposit feature located within our app! Click here to learn more.

ATM Deposit

Stop by our Main Bank ATM or Findlay Branch ATM to deposit into your account using your debit card! For more information click here.

Mobile Wallets

Add your Shelby County State Bank Debit Card to your mobile wallet. It’s quick, secure, and convenient. Click here for more information.

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7 Online Banking Safety Tips You Should Know

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