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Board Members

Robert N. Bolinger, Chairman
Chairman of the Board, Director since 1998
Vice President Sta-Rite Ginnie Lou, Shelbyville

Gwyn D. Helton
Director since 1998
President, Shelby County State Bank

Douglas S. Dove
Director since 2011, Shelby County State Bank Attorney
Attorney, Capes Sokol, St. Louis, Missouri

Adam S. Bolinger
Director since 2012
Senior Vice President, Shelby County State Bank

Andrew F. Dove
Director since 2014
Vice President, Manufacturing

Randy K. Biehler
Director since 2017
Retired, Shelby Insurance

Robin R. Yockey
Director Since 2019
CPA, Shelbyville, Illinois

John F. Widdersheim
Director since 2021
Past Executive Vice President and Head of Lending, Shelby County State Bank

Jodie M. Ogle, Secretary
CFO, Shelby County State Bank