Farm Management

We can help you profitably manage your farm.

Farm Management

At Shelby County State Bank we know that profitably managing your farm ground is important to you! That is why it is important to us to provide you with Farm Management Services from an accredited farm manager who knows how to make the most of your assets. 

Our Farm Manager, Jim Schwerman, is a native of Shelby County who is an accredited farm manager with 29 years of farm management experience. He offers a hands-on approach to develop a farm plan that will meet the specific needs of your farm and your goals as a landowner. 

Available Services: 

  • Analyze and implement the highest and best return for your farm
  • Market crops to maximize profits
  • Conserve the soil and other natural resources
  • Inspect the farm on a regular basis to observe crop progress, insect & weed problems
  • Develop annual and long-term plans for crop inputs, fertilizer, etc.
  • Prepare budgets and cash flow projections
  • Pay bills related to farm operating expense
  • Negotiate cash rent leases and collect rental income
  • Negotiate and stay in contact with suppliers to take advantage of discounts
  • Participation and knowledge of USDA programs
  • Supervise upkeep & repair of buildings on farm
  • Furnish reports on a quarterly and annual basis of farm income, expense, and production

    Corn Research Plot

Contact Jim for more information on how he can help you reach your goals, while making land ownership easier and more profitable for you. 

Jim Schwerman     
130 S. Morgan   
Shelbyville, IL  62565 
Phone: 217-774-3911 

Trust Services 

Shelby County State Bank Farm Management Department works closely with our Trust Department to provide you with a full range of trust services. Please see “Trust Summary” under the “Investments” tab for more information regarding these services.