Individual Retirement Account Chart

Learn When and How To Start Planning Your Retirement

  • Certificates of Deposit Rates

    91 Days.10%.10%
    6 Months.15%.15%
    18 Months.40%.40%
    24 Months.60%.60%
    36 Months.75%.75%
    48 Months.80%.80%
    60 Months1.10%1.09%

What Your IRA Test Score Means

If Your Test Score Is…

Under 14 Points:

An IRA may not be right for you at this time. Speak to one of our representatives for more information.

14 Points or More:

If your age is 21 to 35:

Now is the ideal time to open an IRA. If you invest $2000 a year at 6% or more, you could have $300,000 or more at age 65.

If your age is 36 to 45:

You’re in your peak earning years. Start an IRA today. Don’t delay.

If your age is 46 to 64:

If you haven’t opened an IRA by now, you should do so immediately.

If your age is 65 or more:

If you’re retired, it’s too late to open an IRA. But if you’re still working, you have until age 70-1/2 to continue investing for a more secure future.

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